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About Ogata Motors

Ogata Motors is an Electric Vehicle, chassis body, and fabrication manufacturing company which specializes in design, development, and fabrication of all kinds of sheet metal components. The company’s vision is to do its best in this field and provide highest quality products through optimum resource utilization and best manufacturing facilities.

The key features of our company products are as follows

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Why started the company?

The pollution and fuel costs are rising at an alarming rate in our country and people are getting affected by health and wealth. Thus, we provide best products and services to tackle all problems effectively.
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Ogata Motors mission is to provide best possible products & solutions which come with low running and maintenance cost due to sustainable energy and electric motor. The company strives to provide an engaging environment for its people to perform to their true potential. We continue our focus on value creation and enduring relationships with its partners.
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Ogata means ‘direction’, the direction to clean and sustainable energy. Our vision is to power India by three- wheeler commercial vehicles running on sustainable energy giving people a great asset generating more employment and helping environment to be pollution free.
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Why buy Ogata products?
We provide quality products at best price with best in class service.
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How We Are Different Than Other Companies?
We have collaboration with Japanese engineers, and we have in-house welding robots that provide precise and best quality welding operations making sure to fabricate strong and stable vehicles.
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What Are Our USPs?
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