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2 wheeler chassis manuacturing

A vehicle frame, also known as its chassis, is the main supporting structure of a motor vehicle to which all other components are attached, comparable to the skeleton of an organism.

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robot welding facility

Welding facilities with robots allow higher yields and throughput resulting in lower the cost for our clients. It’s especially beneficial for e-rickshaw and two-wheeler chassis manufacturers.

powder coating

surface coating

Surface coating is used to protect the surface of magnesium and its alloys to prevent their direct contact with air and moisture so that the electrochemical corrosion reaction may not occur.

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e-rikshaw manufactuuring and sales

We are the leading E-Rickshaw manufacturer in Gurgaon with a wide range of products in passenger and Cargo category, specialize in customized vehicles. We also do contract manufacturing.

About Us

Ogata Motors is an Electric Vehicle, chassis body, and fabrication manufacturing company specializing in design development and manufacturing all kinds of sheet metal components. The company’s vision is to do the best in this field through optimum resource utilization and the best manufacturing facilities.

We will manufacture and assemble your e-riksha and 2-weeler with your own branding.

Our manufacturing Process

Tubular products

Product of steel is used to cover all hollow products of steel. These products are normally produced in a cylindrical shape. It is altered by different processing methods to produce square, oval, rectangular and other symmetrical forms.

Fabrication products

Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending, welding and assembling processes with both human labor and automation. We aim to provide fully engineered structures on time and within the planned budget.

Sheet metal products

Products created by the process of turning flat sheet aluminum into metal structures by cutting, punching, bending, folding and assembling. We have years of experience and necessary technology along with the latest equipment.


Painting the fabricated parts can give them a long-lasting life. At Ogata Motors, we deliver state-of-the-art facilities powered by our expert team so that we can be your single ultimate source of custom fabrication painting.


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A brand of Electric Vehicles manufacturing & Sales | Sheet metal & Tubular based Manufacturing | Powder, liquid & ED coating, a company owned by Gurgaon based technical and highly experienced entrepreneurs. The company was formed in 2018 for the Electric revolution in transportation with a concern for air pollution. We are two-wheeler chassis manufacturers and paint all sheet metal-based products, chassis & body of all Automotive, white products, furniture etc. at the best quality.

EV 2 wheelers chasis

We manufacture and assemble all kinds of two-wheeler chassis, mainly scooter and bike.

EV 3 - manufacturing

We manufacture three-wheeler chassis and assemble whole vehicles like E Rickshaw or auto rickshaw.

Sheet metal

We manufacture all sheet metal waste products like child parts of Chassis, battery box, Amirah, bench, plates, etc.

scooter & bike chassis

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OGATA has a design and development team who works closely with the client to roll-out the project as per timelines. The design center is equipped with the latest engineering design software OGATA team of dedicated tool design engineers conceive the initial design of tools, fixtures and gauges on engineering software and check for their manufactural using specific tools. We further have easy arrangements for three-wheeler and two-wheeler chassis manufacturers. At Ogata Motors, we create prototypes which help the company develop initial concepts required by our customers within the specified time and quality.
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Designed with precision

Our products include ICAT (International Center for Automotive Technology) approved e-rickshaws and spare parts for electric vehicles. With growing concerns about fuel cost, there is a huge demand for commercial electric vehicles. Our electric rickshaws are equipped with the latest advanced features, reliable parts and great range. Our company is committed to making the most efficient and quality products
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Two Wheeler Chassis Manufacturing

We are Two-wheelers (scooter & bike) chassis manufacturer and provide Powder, liquid & ED coating on any sheet metal surfaces.

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E-Rickshaw Chassis Manufacturing

We manufacture/assemble/sell high-quality E-rickshaw chassis as well as provide ED, Powder & liquid coating.

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Two Wheeler Assemblies

We offer full-service Two-wheeler assembly at an affordable price. Whether it is battery operated or fuel, we assemble all.


I.e- We are the best E rickshaw manufacturers in Gurgaon, manufacture & paint all sheet metal-based products, chassis & body of all Automotive, white products, furniture etc., at the best quality.
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electric 2 wheelers

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